Compounding Speciality Drugs Free Delivery

Lorven Pharmacy, a pharmacy in Brooklyn, NY is constantly expanding to include many patient care services such as same day free delivery of medications in Greenpoint/Williamsburg.

Why Lorven Pharmacy?

FREE Same-day Delivery

Don’t leave the office to have to wait in line. We’ll deliver your prescriptions anywhere in Greenpoint-Williamsburg for free.

Smart Phone and Email Prescription Filling

It’s as easy as snapping a photo and sending it over. Fast. Convenient. Reliable.

Easy Prescription Transfer

Prescription transfer made easy!  Just give us contact info. to the pharmacy and we take care of the rest!

Our Personal Assistance

Our personnel will be always available for consulting.

New Way of Vision

An european style pharmacy with a real “human” interface.

Polsko-Amerykańska Apteka

Witamy w Aptece Lorven! Znajdą tu Państwo wiele specjalistycznych produktów, akcesoriów i leków. W skład bogatej oferty wchodzą suplementy diety, leki bez recepty , leki na receptę oraz wyroby medyczne, kosmetyki i sprzęt medyczny. Nasza apteka mieści się na 942 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint NY 11222. Zapraszamy!